Looking to sell your home?

WDesigns is here to stage it for you. Wendy’s masterful designs will help sell your home faster than you can hire a moving company. From one-bedroom condos, to ten-bedroom mansions, there’s no project WDesigns cannot handle.

This is where Wendy’s wealth of professional experience working at a wide range of furniture retailers comes in full force. Down to the coffee table books and decorative vases, she knows exactly how to set up a room that will make people say, “I cannot wait to live here. Call WDesigns to get staging. And selling!


Sometimes we let things get away from us.

When your living room is beginning to look more like a storage unit than a place to relax with your favorite paperback, it’s time to call WDesigns. Years of cleaning and tidying up behind two messy boys turned Wendy into a seasoned veteran of organizing even the most unruly of rooms.

Every one of WDesigns’ organization solutions is tailor-made to fit your needs. Wendy will find unique, innovative, and practical ways to get you organized. And stay that way! Call WDesigns to see how you can declutter your space today!


Does your storefront need an upgrade?

Be it a seasonal change, or a complete revamp of your store, WDesigns is ready to do the heavy lifting. Store design has become Wendy’s strong suit after nearly two decades working for some of the most well-established names in retail.

With her creative know-how, Wendy can craft clever designs to create the best possible retail experience. And that means two things. Happy customers, and happy store owners. Call WDesigns to see if you’re doing everything you can with your space.


Is your house ready for it’s next best look?

If you just moved in, or you’ve been living there for years, chances are you need some furniture. WDesigns is here to make your home beautiful, the stress-free way. After just one conversation with Wendy, she’ll know what you’re looking for, and how to make that vision come to fruition.

Whether it’s a new couch, a bathroom redesign, or furnishing an empty home, WDesigns has you covered. Let Wendy’s keen eye for detail and designs tailored specifically for each client transform your room into a space perfect for making memories. Get started on your room today, Call WDesigns!

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